Simply start by choosing your preferred style from the choices below and send me your photo. Then let me know any other style or colour preferences and I'll create digital proofs for you to approve before producing your final artwork. Once approved you can have your artwork as either a printed canvas block or an art poster. Plus, if you choose a personalised pop art, I can also create a hand painted original in thick acrylics on stretched canvas.

personalised pop art

How about a unique, personalised pop art portrait. By breaking your image down into it's simplist form, a great effect is achieved using the bare minimum of colours and shades. This simple look will work on most photo's and works particulary well with close up portraits.

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colour splash art

This stunning effect is created by turning your photograph into a high contrast black and white and then highlighting small 'splashes' of colour to enhance the artwork.

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colourised art

Bring vibrance to any photograph. The look of your photos will be transformed and these bright bold pictures are sure to make an impact on any wall. Choose either a plain background colour or I can add some pattern or texture for a truly unique look.

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warhol inspired art

A classic look inspired by one of the greatest, and morst well-known, pop-artists - Andy Warhol. This style works particularly well with sharp, close up face photos.

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how to order
From photo album to wall in a few simple steps:
1: Choose your photo and send it to me via email (or post)
2: Email me your prefered style, picture finish and size
3: I'll design your new artwork and email you digital proofs
4: When you're happy with the proof I'll invoice for payment
5: Once payment is made I'll complete the order and dispatch
6: You receive artwork, hang on wall, stand back, admire!
Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.